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Final details

Date: Saturday 8th August 2009 - middle distance
Sunday 9th August 2009 - normal distance
Type of the race: 2-days single event with combined result
Organizer: Hegyisport Szentendre Egyesület, 2000 Szentendre, Levél köz 5.
Org. committee: Leader, course setter: Tibor Erdélyi
Secretary: Tamás Jankó
Controller: Sándor Tóth
Event centre, finish: Visegrád, Mogyoró-hegy, at the bottom of the ski course
Getting there: Onthe main road 11 between Szentgyörgypuszta and Visegrád you have to turn to Mogyoró-hegy.
On Saturday morning there can be big traffic from Budapest to Danube bend.
Entry: 1. day: 12:00 - 13:00
2. day: 09:00 - 09:30
Entry on the event: in the open class 1000 Ft/person/day,
in the other classes additional 500 Ft/day for the vacant places.
SI-card hire will cost an additional 200 Ft/day. For hiring an SI-card by not registered competitors we need an identity card with photo or 10 000 Ft as deposit.
Merging of classes: The following classes will be deleted: M12C, M20A, M21C, W35A, M80
The following classes will be merged: MW10D; MW12D; M55>M50; W18>W21BR; W20>W21B; W50>W45
Parking: Parking lot, near to the finish area (200 m), free of charge
Terrain: Big hilly formations, variable vegetation, open and semi-open meadows, forest with many objects
Map: Corrected in 2008 and 2009,
Scale 1 : 10 000,
Contour interval: 5m,
Size 30x21 cm, printed by laser printer. Plastic bags are available in the start area.
Purple colored areas are forbidden to cross.
Start time: 1. day: 14:00,       2. day: 10:00
Start area: The same place on both days, 1200m, 100m height difference
Control descriptions: The symbol descriptions are printed to the map. Additional symbol list you can find in the start area, we provide tapes and scissors.
Punching system: SPORTident electronic control system. On the control points there are traditional punchers too. It is to use if the SPORTident system does not work (no acoustic and visual signs). In such cases you have to punch onto the map and convey it in the finish.
Prize-giving ceremony:
Sunday 13:30, in the finish area
Prizes: The first three of each class receive a medal.
After the ceremony we make a lottery drawing from the presents of publisher SANOMA-BUDAPEST.
  • The competition is taking place in the area of National Park Duna-Ipoly, therefore please take care about the natural values
  • Look out crossing and using the roads
  • There will be a children competition near to the finish area
  • There is a buffet in the finish area and a restaurant 400 m away
  • Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety
               We wish a fair and successful competition,
The Organizers                                    
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Szentendre Kupa Hungary:  2008.  2007.  2006.
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