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Accompanying events

Night sprint

Hungaria Cup MTBO 2010
3-days MTBO Event - Invitation

Date: 23-25 July 2010, Friday - Saturday - Sunday
Organising committee:
Event Director: Vajda Péter
Secretary: Kovács Ágnes
Course Planner: Vajda Péter
Schedule of the event:
23 July Friday 1st day, middle distance First start at 15:00
24 July Saturday 2nd day, middle distance First start at 15:00
25 July Sunday 3rd day, sprint First start at 13:00
Venue: Bakony mountains, Vinye, Hódos-ér, same as Hungaria Cup foot-o event center
Terrain: Continental terrain with medium density path network, separated by deep valleys.
Altitude between 280 and 450 m.
Map: MTBO maps, prepared in 2010
Classes: M/W 21E,BR(short), 14, 15-17 18-20, 40, 50
Preliminary course details
Deadline for entries: 16 July 2010, Friday
Entry fee: Entry for all 3 days until deadline:
- M/W 21E, BR, 18-20, 40, 50: 5000 HUF/person
- M/W 14, 15-17, Open: 4500 HUF/person
Entry for one day until deadline:
- M/W 21E, BR, 18-20, 40, 50: 2000 HUF/person/day
- M/W 14, 15-17, Open: 1700 HUF/person/day
Late entry surcharge: +500 HUF/person/day (except Open)
Entries: E-mail:
Postal: Vajda Péter, H-8200 Veszprém, Egry J u. 19/b.
Registration will be accepted only in written form.
Entry data: name, club, class, stages, own SI-number
Accommodation: Temporary camping, 600 m from event centre (mobile WC, shower):
0-6 years: cost-free
7-18 years: HUF 600/person/nigth
19- years: HUF 1100/person/night
Catering in the event centre.
Other accommodations should be arranged individually. See map info.
Punching system: SPORTident
SI-Card rental: 200 HUF/day
Prizes: Overall ranking after the 3rd day, the best 2 results count. The overall 1-3 places of classes will be awarded.
Further information: Kovács Ágnes
Tel. : +36-30-412-2258

Hungaria Cup night sprint

Date: Thursday, 22 July 2010, 21:00
Event Centre
(start and finish):
Fenyőfő, pub
Event type: Individual race in one round
You have second and also third chance (even without map), but only the first run counts for the final result.
Categories and prizes: On each course the top 3 men and women receive medals
Courses: Easy: 1,8 km 7 c
Difficult: 3,0 km 12 c
Course setter: Zoltán Weibl
Map: 1:4000 / 5 m
Entries: In the Event Office (name, club, course, and SI card number) or on the spot
Entry fee: 500 HUF/person or 2 EUR (SI card renting 200 HUF or 1 EUR)


Date: 24 July 2010, Saturday
Start time: from 14:00 to 16:00
Event Centre: Vinye, marked from CC of Hungaria Cup
Course: 1,0 km, 11 controls, 4 time controls
Classes: Para, OP-18, OP18-
Time limit: 65'
Entry fee: 500 HUF/person, on the spot 600 HUF/person
Entries: Until 19 July:
From 20 July in the Event Office
Prizes: For the top 3 of each class
Prize giving ceremony: After the competition, at about 5pm


Date and time: 24 July 2010 (Saturday), 16:00
Event centre
(start & finish):
Same like Hungaria Cup
Form of competition: Two-person relay competition. Relays fight in four rounds (qualification, quarter finals, semifinals, final). The qualification will start with mass start, best 8 relay gets into quarter final. In the following two relays starts at the same time. Each runner shall drink a glass of beer before getting the map. The relay which reaches the finish first, gets into the next round.
Courses: 1000-1500 m / 30-50 m
Map: 1:10000 / 5 m
Entries: Via email to with following data: name of team, name of runners
Entry fee: 3000 HUF/relay
Támogatók és partnerek / Sponsors and partners
Bakonyerdő Erdészeti és Faipari  Zrt.
Győri Szeszgyár Zrt.
6 Days of Austria 2011
WMOC 2011 Pécs/Hungary
Hungária Kupa 2011.