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Final details

Date: 21-25 July 2010 (Wednesday-Sunday)
Schedule of the Event:
20 July, Tuesday: 10:00 - 21:00 Registration, model event, training
21 July, Wednesday: 10:00 1st race (E1), middle distance
19:00 1st race winners' award, afterwards Disco Kocsik
22 July, Thursday: 10:00 2nd race (E2), long distance
19:00 2nd race winners' award, afterwards Disco Kocsik
21:00 Night sprint race, Fenyőfő
23 July, Friday: 10:00 3rd race (E3), middle distance
15:00 MTBO 1st race
16:00 Mobile-O, Fenyőfő
19:00 3rd race winners' award, afterwards Disco Kocsik
24 July, Saturday: 10:00 4th race (E4), long distance
14:00 Trail-O competition
15:00 MTBO 2nd race
16:00 Beer-relay
19:00 4th race winners' award, afterwards Disco Kocsik
25 July, Sunday: 10:00 5th race (E5), shortened long distance, chasing start
13:00 MTBO 3rd race, Fenyőfő
14:00 Prize giving ceremony for overall results
Type of the Event: 5 legs, daily, individual competition with summarized results
1-4th days: Hungarian ranking event
Organiser: Hegyisport Szentendre Egyesület, Levél köz 5., H-2000 Szentendre
Patron of the Event: Mr. Gábor Tátrai, Director of Forestry Bakonyszentlászló, Bakonyerdő Zrt. (Welcome letter)
Organizing Committee: Event Director: Tibor Erdélyi
Secretaries: Tamás Jankó, Gabriella Jenővári
Course Setters: 1-3rd days: Tibor Erdélyi, 4th day: Gábor Muliter, 5th day: Sándor Balla
Event Controllers: György Bozán, György Tüskés
Venue and Travel:
Bakony mountains, Vinye, Hódos-ér
Leave the road Bakonyszentlászló-Vinye-Fenyőfő at the signed place to the forest road of Hódos-ér.
Registration: On 20 July: 10:00 - 21:00, in the camping.
On 21 July and on the other days: 8:00 - 9:00, in the Competition Centre (CC).
Entries on the spot: in open classes without limitation, in ranking classes only for the vacant places.
Entry fees on the spot:
M/W -14 és 65-
M/W 16-60
For 1 day
For 5 days
For 1 day
For 5 days
For 1 day
2.500 HUF/person
11.000 HUF/person
3.500 HUF/person
15.000 HUF/person
1.300 HUF/person
SI card hire: 200 HUF/person/day.
From persons with no club membership and hiring SI card we will ask an identity card or 10.000 HUF deposit.
Lost or unreturned SI cards will be charged.
Event Office: On 20 July: in the camping
From 21 July: between 9-14 o'clock in the CC, between 18-20 o'clock in the camping
Open Classes: OP-B: open beginners
OP-AS: open advanced short
OP-AL: open advanced long
CP: child with parent, supported with tapes.
The open classes start from a separate corridor, with 1-2 minutes start interval. The start time can be freely chosen under the starting period of ranking classes. The start time will be defined by punching in the start.
For each day you get a voucher, which allows you to enter into the open class start area.
The parents in the CP class - if involved in the ranking competition, too - do not need to come back to the Competition Centre on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days, he/she can walk directly from finish to the start. (Finish2-Start2: 200m; Finish3-Start3: 700m/100m; Finish4-Start4: 1600m/75m).
Parking: Parking is only on the forest road possible, which is closed for public traffic. Please, follow the instructions of the organizers. The forest road can be used only for parking, it is prohibited to drive further on it.
Parking ticket (valid for CC and camping):
5 days ticket: 2.000 HUF for cars, 4.000 HUF for busses
Daily ticket: 500 HUF/day for cars, 1.000 HUF/day for busses
The ordered parking tickets you find in your club-bag. Please, place it well-seen behind the cars windscreen.
Terrain: Seedling forest allowing good running with intricate contour details. On some places there is undergrowth with nettle. Sometimes you can hardly notice crossing a narrow ride. The storms of the last months knocked down trees, not all of then are represented on the map.
Embargoed Area,
Competition Area:
Until the end of the event any orienteering activities are allowed only with the permission of the organizers in the area of Vinye - Fenyőfő - Szépalmapuszta - Porva-Csesznek station
Model Event, Training: On 20 July, between 10:00-20:00
The parking of the model event is 4 km from CC by car, the start is 500m from there. The start is 3 km from CC on foot.
Map scale is 1:7 500 and 1:10 000, there are 2 different 2 km long courses prepared.
The map is available in the CC for 250 HUF each.
Maps: Prepared in 2010, contour intervals: 5m
1:10 000
1:7 500
M 16, 18, 20, 21A, 21B, 21BR, 21C, 35A, 35BR
W 18, 21A, 21B, 21BR, 21C, 35
M 10D, 12C, 14, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
W 10D, 12C, 14, 16, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70
Sizes (in mm):
1:7 500
1:10 000
The maps of M21A, M75 and W60 have the size of A4 on all days.
The class M21A will have 2 maps on the days 1, 2, 4 and 5, put in an A4 plastic bag.
There will be plastic bags available in the start area.
Depositing of Maps: You can keep your map after the finish, we rely on your fair play, that you don't show the map to runners being before the start.
Time Limits: 1st and 3rd days: 90'
2nd, 4th and 5th days: 180'
blue-white tape
yellow tape
The finish of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th days is not in the CC, you can walk from the finish downhill to the CC, where you should download your SI card. Please, go to download even if you retire.
Start Procedure: Competitors must enter the start corridor 3 minutes before their start time. The maps are situated on a stand. One minute before your start time you can pick it up, put it into a plastic bag (if you like) and stand to the start line. You can start at the next sign.
5th Day, Chasing Start: The starting order is based on the summarized result of the 1-4th races. The leading runner of the class starts first, then the followers with adjusted time. After 60 minutes of the leader the remaining runners start in one minute interval.
In the morning of the 5th day in the CC all clubs receive stickers with the start times of their competitors. The stickers have to be placed well visible on the start bibs. Competitors must enter the start corridor 6 minutes before their start time.
On this day the maps are placed behind the start line, you select and pick it up in your own time. Please, take care about taking the right map! The first 6 runners (in small classes the first 3) get an additional start bibs in the Start5 area according to their current placing.
The start list of the 5th day will be published on 4th day at 18:00 in CC, in the camping and on the homepage of the event.
Start Numbers: You have to have the start number bib on for all the races
Control System: SPORTident (SI) electronic punching will be used. If any station fails to flash and beep you should punch your map with the pin punch attached to the control, and report the failure at download.
Control Descriptions: Control descriptions are printed on the map. Loose control descriptions will be available in the start corridor. Adhesive tape and scissors will be provided.
Refreshment: In the class M21A on the 2nd and 4th days there will be a drink station at 2/3 part of the course
Prize Giving: Daily winners: on the 1-4th days at 19:00
Final results: on 25 July at 14:00, in CC
Prizes: The daily winners will be awarded with a T-shirt.
The first 3 placed in the overall ranking will be awarded with individual medals.
There is no prize giving ceremony in the open classes (OP-AS, OP-AL, OP-B, CP).
Accommodation: In a temporary camping based on previous application.
The camping is in 600m from the CC, has mobile toilet and shower.
The users of the camping get an arm band, which has to be worn during the stay.
The places in the camping can be occupied, after registration, with arm band on 20 July from 10:00 by the help of the instructing organizer.
Please take consideration for each other. There is a rest time between 22:00 and 7:00.
If somebody cannot hold these rules should cancel the reservation.
  • The competitors are responsible for their own safety and take part at their own risk.
  • The retired or got lost competitors should present him/herself in the CC. CC can be reached under the mobile number +36-30-959-2910.
  • The competitors get refreshment drink in the finish.
  • In the CC there are a dressing tent and mobile toilets available. Here you can find medical assistance and buffet with cold and warm foods and drinks.
  • Any trading activity is only with the permission of the Organizers allowed.
  • There is a kid's course on each day near to the CC from 10:00, the participation is free of charge, the children get presents.
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