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35. Hungaria Cup Invitation

Date: 21-25 July 2010
Organiser: Hegyisport Szentendre Egyesület on behalf of Hungarian Orienteering Federation
Organising committee:
Director: Erdélyi Tibor
Secretary: Jankó Tamás
Controllers: Tüskés György, Vajda Zsolt
Course Planners: 1-3. days: Erdélyi Tibor, 4. day: Muliter Gábor, 5. day: Balla Sándor
Schedule of the event:
20 July Tuesday 09:00-22:00 registration, training, model event
21 July Wednesday 1. day middle distance
22 July Thursday 2. day classic distance
23 July Friday 3. day middle distance
24 July Saturday 4. day classic distance
25 July Sunday 5. day shortened classic, chasing start
Start time: every day at 10:00  
Venue: Bakony mountains, Vinye, Hódos-ér
Terrain: Clean forest with good runnability and fine terrain details. Altitude between 280 and 450 m.
Embargoed areas: From the publication of the invitation until the event any orienteering activity is allowed only with the permission of the Organizers in the area of Vinye - Fenyőfő - Szépalmapuszta - Porva-Csesznek station
Map: Prepared in 2010, scale: 1:10 000 and 1:7 500, contours: 5 m
Classes: M/W 10D, 12D, 12C, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21A,B,BR,C, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, M 35BR
(D classes are backed with ribbon marks)
Open classes:
OP-B: Open beginner
OP-AS: Open advanced short
OP-AL: Open advanced long
CP: children with parents, backed with marks
In the open classes you can choose your own start time, in 1 minute steps, within the starting frame of other classes.
Entry fees and
Entry deadline
M/W -14 és 65-
M/W 16-60
1 day
5 days
1 day
5 days
1 day
19 April 2010
1.500 HUF/person
6.000 HUF/person
2.000 HUF/person
9.000 HUF/person
1.000 HUF/person
5 July 2010
2.000 HUF/person
9.000 HUF/person
3.000 HUF/person
13.000 HUF/person
1.000 HUF/person
After 5 July 2010
and on the spot
2.500 HUF/person
11.000 HUF/person
3.500 HUF/person
15.000 HUF/person
1.300 HUF/person
After 5 July 2010 and on the spot you can enter only for the vacant places.
There is the possibility to enter for the open classes on the spot, but we make a reduction for earlier registration.
SI card rental: HUF 200/day/person
Payment: By bank transfer to the account below:
     Account name: Hegyisport Szentendre Egyesület
     Account number: 6470 0076 1001 0134 0000 0000
     Bank name: Dunakanyar Takarékszövetkezet
     Bank address: 2023 Dunabogdány Hajó u. 3.
     IBAN: HU51 6470 0076 1001 0134 0000 0000
All transfer and other banking costs to be paid by the sender.
The registration will be accepted and confirmed at the arrival of the transfer.
Please enter the name of the club in the remark field.
The arrived payments will be displayed on our homepage.
If you cancel the registration till 4 July 2010 the 60% of the paid fee will be returned. After 5 July 2010 there is no possibility to return anything.
Entries: By the on-line ENTRY system of MTFSZ (Hungarian Orienteering Federation)
(By e-mail:
The e-mail registration will be acknowledged within 2 days, if it does not happen, please repeat the registration. Registration will be accepted only in written form.
Entry data: club, name, class, id-number (if any), SI-number)
Accommodation: Temporary camping, 600 m from event centre (mobile WC, shower):
0-6 years: cost-free
7-18 years: HUF 2400/person/5 nights, or HUF 600/person/nigth
19- years: HUF 4400/person/5 nights, or HUF 1100/person/night
Catering in the event centre.
Other accommodations should be arranged individually. See map info.
Parking: Parking is allowed only on the forest road; please, follow the instructions of the organisers.
Parking ticket (valid at the event centre and camping, too):
5-days ticket: car: HUF 2000, bus: HUF 4000
Daily ticket: car: HUF 500/day, bus: HUF 1000/day
Parking fee can be transferred together with the entry fee or purchased in the event office.
Punching system: SPORTident electronic punching system will be used
Prizes: The 1-3 places of classes will be awarded
Prize-giving ceremony: On 25 July 2010, at 14:00
Accompanying events: Trail-O competition
Mobil-O -
Night city-O in Veszprém
Beer relay
Further information: Homepage:
E-mail contact:
Others: Competitors take part on the event at their own risk!
We organise also children competition with marked courses near to the finish area.
Leisure time
- Natural Science Museum of Bakony, Zirc:
- Ciszterci archabbey and library, Zirc:
- Town Pápa:
- Museum of Blue Dyeing Pápa:
- Burg Csesznek:
- Archabbey of Pannonhalma:
- Zoo of Veszprém:
- City of Veszprém:
- Balaton:
- Bakony-Balaton Geopark:
- Herend Porcelain Museum:
Támogatók és partnerek / Sponsors and partners
Bakonyerdő Erdészeti és Faipari  Zrt.
Győri Szeszgyár Zrt.
6 Days of Austria 2011
WMOC 2011 Pécs/Hungary
Hungária Kupa 2011.